Not only do our select team of Voice Over Specialists provide you with Speaking Character Voices, they have an amazing selection of Musical Voices to choose from.   Featured here in the two videos are Male and Female demo reels of a few of our selected Voice Over Professionals.  Click on the samples to see who can star in your next project.  For more Amazing Voice Over samples from our team, click on the MALE or FEMALE Voices Buttons below and go directly to our samples.  ​

After several years of performance in Voice Talent and Music, we have joined our talents to provide exceptional Voice Over Talent in this ever growing industry.  We are so happy you have visited our site and we hope you are enlightened by the many voices in speaking and singing we have to offer you.  Our company strives to provide you with top quality voices that you will be proud of.  Visit our Female and Male voice talent pages, our Jingles and Prices pages and more.  We hope you enjoy our voices and we look forward to serving you in your next amazing project.  Until then, Let's Get Our Voices On Your Project. Blessings to all.                          Cheryl Cerri & Patrick Foote


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We contour our Pricing to your budget and needs.  Each project is different so we happily discuss each project with each client to determine how to proceed.  Once you have your project in mind and you have selected one or several of our voices from our Voice Talent Professionals, simply Contact Us and we will discuss your project, and provide you with an Estimate.  Depending on your project, we can offer voice samples for as low as $99.00.

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NOTE:  If you do not find a Voice Style from our samples that is suitable for your Voice Over Project, contact us with the style and we will provide it for you.  Voice Talent Toronto has even more Voice Styles we can provide you than are currently available on our website.

Voice Talent Toronto is just that, Voices.  We provide Voice Over Talent for any voicing project.  We offer Voice Over Talent for Video Games, Cartoons, Films, Documentaries, Jingles, Advertisements both spoken and musical.  Our broad selection of Voice Styles will enlighten you to the extreme you can go to, to create an amazing delivery.  Our team of selected Voice Over Professionals will dazzle you with their highlights of Cartoon Characters, Movie Star Imitations, Character Voices, Different Nationality Accent Voices and their own Voices.